Sustaining our tradition of being socially responsible

Ever since its establishment, Nilkanth Group of Industries has endeavoured to fulfil its obligation as a conscientious corporate entity. In addition to creating innovative solutions for the Colourant, fertilizer, Agro formulations, and API industries, we are passionate about taking on community projects that have the potential to change lives. We carry out a variety of projects and programs with the goal of improving the lives of the communities we live in.

We are deeply committed to corporate social responsibility. Enhancing the communities in which we operate and giving back to society are, in our opinion, worthwhile endeavors. Through programs focused on healthcare accessibility, education empowerment, environmental sustainability, and community support, we hope to uplift and empower those who are in need. Volunteerism is a regular activity for our employees, which bolsters our efforts and has a lasting effect. We are dedicated to cooperating to build a brighter future for everybody, using honesty and compassion as our guiding values.

Corporate social responsibility

Water conservation
and environment

Eradication of

Disaster relief and

Women empowerment and
livelihood opportunities

R&D for the
uplift of society

Cluster and rural

Education and skill

Childcare and healthcare

corporate social responsibility and sustainability
1. Water conservation and environment
2. R&D for the uplift of society
3. Eradication of poverty
4. Cluster and rural development
5. Disaster relief and rehabilitation
6. Education and skill development
7. Women empowerment and livelihood opportunities
8. Childcare and healthcare facilities